Cam as your Councillor

My introduction:

Friends, our neighbours and all families of ward-1 (Rocky Ridge, Royal Oak, Crestmont, Varsity, Valley Ridge, Bowness, Greenwood Briar, Silver Spring,Scenic acres and Tuscany)!

My name is Cam Khan. I am running for the office of councillor from ward-1. I have great passion to serve our community. I am living and serving our community over one & half decade. I possess double masters’ degrees (Physics & Geophysics). I am also LLB law graduate. I studied in University of Calgary, University of Twente (Holland), University of Balochistan, and SAIT college, Calgary. During my 20 years of career, I have been to places around the world. Especially I have been to most parts of my beloved & beautiful country, Canada, from coast to coast to coast. I also had the privilege to visit the Arctic circle. You name it, I have been there! VP program planning & interpretation, I am a businessman and a proud father of four children. Presently, I’m employing 15-20 community people in my companies.

Cam Khn

Why Vote for Cam?

Vote for Cam as your councillor! Dear friends, I'd like to mention here that I’m not running for any kind of remuneration. My genuine efforts will be to make all community associations strong & effective. If I win the election on October 16, 2017 with your votes, I will sincerely devote my energies and time for the benefits of all communities’ residents to bring positive changes in their living. All communities’ associations will be very powerful with maximum authorities and discretion to spend city's community development funding for the welfare of the society, improvement, and development of their communities. I will be your and your community association's voice in the city council! 

Community Improvement Plans

Arrow Freshly painted, nice & clean roads. Snow removal on time. Front yard and community lawns' grass on time mowing.

Arrow Many communities need new Schools e.g. Valley Ridge & Crestmont.  I will fight for your rights on these and similar issues.

Arrow Lots of intersections in our communities need traffic lights. Many communities need ice hockey rinks and basket ball courts. I will work on these essential recreational necessities. 

Arrow Outdoor children play grounds need to be upgraded & renovated. Communities need more cycle and pedestrian paths. I will be your voice for all these matters. 

Arrow Together we will work towards small business corporations' tax breaks. I will be your voice in the city council for property tax relief as well. 

Arrow NW communities' high demand for LRT link from University to Calway park through 16th Avenue, I will bring your this proposal on the table of the council. 

Arrow Subsidies for gyms for qualifying community individuals.

Arrow One subsidized back and forth fast LRT & BRT commute to downtown every day (7:00 am & return 5:00 pm).

Arrow Community entertainment night once every 3 months. Free movie in the community hall and much more!

Arrow  Abundant flower beds and plenty of lush green areas will be flourished.

These are some of the highlights of my plans and vision.

Once again, I would like to ask you for your precious VOTE on October 16, 2017 for a positive change.  Vote Cam Councillor  Thank you!